Ronald Torreyes: The much need it JOY in the Yankees Club House

By Alfredo Alvarez

Miami- Ronald Torreyes was sent just 3 days ago to the Minor Leagues, to make room for Greg Bird, however, his absence can be easily notice in the Yankees Club House where this little giant played an important role.

Who would have thought that this 150-pound man could provide so much value to a Major League baseball team? Between the giants Sabathia, Judge, Stanton, Montgomery or Acevedo (all 6’6 or more), Torreyes only 5’8 (surely measured with shoes on), on many occasions seemed to be as tall as 7 feet with his achievements and his energy to play baseball.

Torreyes initially signed with the Cincinnati Reds as an international free agent in 2010. But he never came to the big leagues with them. He was traded to the Cubs, then Astros got him but let him to the Blue Jays, and Toronto sent him to the Dodgers, where he finally reached the Majors in 2015.

But the story does not end there. Torreyes was traded to the Yankees, but the Yankees without seeing him play, released him once again. Then he was claimed by the Angels. And, if this is not enough, the Angels let him go again, which finally allowed him to return to the Yankees, but this time they would let him play and then the story of Ronald Torreyes as a Bomber began.


Throughout three seasons in New York, he has a batting average of 288 in 532 at-bats, 4 homeruns, 68 RBI’s and 153 hits. He also has a lifetime fielding percentage of 984, performing as second, third, shortstop, even in right field and wait for it…. He is the team’s emergency catcher.

Finally, and for me, the main thing he brings to the team is JOY and Club House chemistry. He is in charge of all the celebrations, who can forget the «Toe-night Show»? Where he converted a box into an imaginary television camera and interviewed the players after hitting homeruns. And who can forget the tradition of being picked up by Didi Gregorius to give Aaron Judge a high five after every monster shot hit by «The Judge»?

Aaron Boone commented that sending him to the minors was really hard and difficult.

But I wonder: Was this really a good move?

Why hold on to having 13 pitchers when manager Boone has Giovanni Gallegos and A.J Cole who he barely uses and does so in already defined games?I think that this decision not only left the Yankees without their best utility player but also the guy who made everybody smile and brings positivism and good vibes in the Club House when tough times arrived. Torreyes means JOY. That much needed for a long season of 162 games, where in the end is not more than that, a game, and as a game at the end you need to have fun and a lot of JOY, otherwise it gets bored and stressful.

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