A great mistake. That’s how we could call the Detroit Tigers’ lack of interest in not trading for Javier Baez.


Al Avila’s effort as the Tigers general manager has been very criticized, but without a doubt, that decision of not trading for one of the rising superstars of the game must be taking Al’s sleep away.

Why the Javier Baez trade did not come to fruition

Reports came out from people very close to the organization, including from Tigers beat writer Anthony Fenech, and said the Chicago Cubs offered Baez to Detroit in a three-team trade.

Detroit would had been parting ways with their 2016 Rookie of the Year and ’17 All-Star Michael Fulmer.

¡Adiós a doña blanca! ¡JAVY BÁEZ! ?✨#Cachorros

— Cachorros de Chicago (@cachorros) August 2, 2019

Avila declined the Cubs’ offer without even considering it, thinking that Fulmer would end up as Justin Verlander’s successor to the pitching throne in Michigan.

Quite big boots to fill on that one.

Michael Fulmer, filthy 96mph Two Seamer Movement [h/t @kg49ers @Leraeniesh ]

— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) August 20, 2017

Tigers declined not only Javier Baez, but Bregman too

Baez wasn’t the only superstar declined by the Tigers.

Sources pointed out that even Houston was asking for the Tigers starter and southpaw reliever Justin Wilson.

The player that the Astros were considering to move to Detroit was their shortstop-converted third baseman star Alex Bregman.

El #Jonronazo #22 de la temporada de Alex Bregman. ?? ¡Un cañonazo!#LosAstros | #Retomemos

— Astros de Houston (@LosAstros) June 26, 2019

Think McFly, think

We shouldn’t point fingers at Al Avila because as we know, no one can predict what will happen in the future.

Maybe with Doc and Marty McFly’s Delorean, the history would’ve changed a bit for the Tigers.

The wizard Javier Baez ended as the runner-up for the National League MVP last season, while Bregman is considered a franchise player, with both still with a high ceiling yet to reach.

On the other side, Fulmer has shown to be injury-prone. Right now, he’s recovering from Tommy John surgery, missing the whole 2019 season because of the full year recovery required for that intervention.

The Reality

Reality is, Baez and Bregman have been solid and consistent appearing in ball games for their respective teams.

Sadly enough, that’s not the case with the Tigers. Hope is the only thing left for Avila regarding Fulmer’s health issues.

He’s a very capable pitcher with a over-average stuff, but probably not the one that the Tigers or Al, thought he was. At least, not a Justin Verlander.

By Chris G. Colon, translated by Homar Torres

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